Brand Story

Perhaps more than anything else, a person’s home has the power to influence, inspire and define ones’ lifestyle. A home is both the anchor and the canvas by which they connect with their community.

Modern home building can range from rigorously formulaic to uncompromisingly custom – cookie cutter boxes maximizing space and materials, to lavish spaces that shatter expectations and budgets. Developers, whether delivering the mundane or the extravagant, have always balanced style and price in a rather predictable pattern; if you want contemporary, intelligent design it is expected to cost more.

City Lifestyle Group believes contemporary style and iconic architectural design can also be affordable.

Balancing inspired design with practical building practices, we focus on the lifestyle features that define an urban home. Driven by a passion for architecture that will stand the test of time in both form and function – clean lines, open spaces, contemporary finishes – our homes elevate urban communities in transition and enable a distinctly stylish sense of home for those pursuing quality and value. And we are driven by a passion for the art of architecture – transforming spaces with detail and nuance that nourishes our deeper artistic sensibility.

By making intelligent choices in design and development, it is our team of designers, builders and realtors – partnerships committed to balancing a mix of luxurious style and attainable value – that makes it possible. We listen to homeowners to understand their needs & desires, we build in locations that offer the greatest value and investment, and we are constantly exploring features and materials that deliver timeless aesthetic value and appeal. We strive to create affordable living spaces that will blend the unique personality of the individual with the iconic stature of their home.

We believe architecture that inspires people – living spaces that shape their lifestyle and feed their aesthetic sensibility – should be within reach of the savvy homeowner.

City Lifestyle Group is unique, creative, and affordable living.